The end of every year is a special time for people worldwide. Everyone, both old and young, look forward to this time of celebration and overall gratitude for the year’s events. Christmas, being significant for sharing and showing love, people anticipate being in the company of their families and loved ones for a more robust experience. At this time, people engage in a series of activities; from watching TV to playing games, chit-chatting, and even eating together. Of all these activities, studies have shown that eating together incites the most happiness and enhances intimacy – in that case, the role and importance of a dining table in every home at this period cannot be over-emphasized.

Dining Tables have been a thing for as long as we remember. As the name implies, dining tables are for ’eating’ - communal eating to be precise because dining tables are designed to accommodate at least two people at a go depending on the size. Although, some families have deserted the culture of dining together for different reasons ranging from; the unavailability of all family members at meal-time, addictive use of smartphones, preference to sit in front of a TV while eating, etc. These days, the once-functional piece has become a makeshift holder for car keys, drugs, books, etc.

Here are a few reasons we should dine at a table this season

It helps us socialize

The world is chaotic enough so it is reasonable to embrace all the love we can amass from our loved ones at moments that matter. Dining with family and friends at the table will create an avenue for better acquaintance while we break bread and toast to better future endeavors. At times like this, we may be opportune to revive and rekindle old love and bonds.

It helps us concentrate on eating

Eating is a serious business. Eating at a dining table will improve your eating posture, you are more likely to pay attention to your food and savor what you are eating. You will also eat slower than if you sat in front of a TV or glued to your smartphone, which means you will digest your food better – a study found that eating at the dining table was correlated with a healthier overall body weight.

Improves family bond

Eating together as a family can help children learn family and cultural values, ask questions, deepen bonds, establish personal tastes and get to know the preferences of other family members. This is important in a world where technology is gradually breeding a distance among people. Dining together as a family may be the only opportunity to get the audience of every family member. Imbibing this culture will discourage grudges and malice.

Why not make it a culture to dine with your family henceforth – most especially during this season?

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