Concrete Furniture Design is making its way into the interior of our homes

Using concrete as a material for furniture did not start today – all thanks to the folks from the ‘Neolithic Period’ who carved stones into cupboards, dressers, tables, and shelves to support their needs around the house. It is not surprising that furniture is an integral part of the human lifestyle. As humans, we have always needed a place to sit, sleep, relax, store belongings, or hold food whilst we eat


It is interesting to see that furniture has evolved considerably from a time when decorative wood carvings were a thing to the 'Renaissance period' when furniture was branded by floral designs, and up to the current 'Contemporary period' when furniture designs have become highly unpredictable. Despite these changes, one thing is constant; furniture has maintained its characteristic of being a form of decorative art.

Growing up as a millennial in Nigeria, my first instinct of the appropriate material for furniture making is wood – It was a common notion. Back then, our living rooms would have passed as wood hives - with the giant wooden shelf, the wooden center table, the apoti (small wooden stool), the wooden valance, the cupboard, etc.

Although, this perception soon changed as we began to get more in the real world – socializing, and attending weekend birthday parties where we sat on metal chairs lol. I also recall visiting a park in Lagos where I saw a concrete chair; as an inquisitive kid, I asked why it was so, and interestingly I was satisfied with the response I got. I was told that concrete is a durable material for outdoor furniture as it could withstand changing weather. It made sense.

Fast-forward to 30 years later, nothing has changed and wood remains the most popular material for furniture making with metal coming closely behind, leaving the use of concrete hanging and struggling with mainstream acceptance based on arguments of how heavy and basic it is, no wonder it is preferred as an outdoor furniture material to date.

Nevertheless, focusing on the timelessness of concrete furniture, Konkere Designs, an Afro-urban furniture, and lifestyle company has spun these drawbacks by creating indoor and outdoor furniture pieces such as Coffee Tables, Side Stools, and Planters with lightweight concrete and art to erode the somewhat universal perception of heaviness and blandness. With this, all we need to worry about is the piece's longevity as it is guaranteed to last years unscathed.

A typical Konkere piece is designed and built to exude an Afrocentric and artistic vibe through the indigeneity in its design and product name. Because every Konkere piece is sturdy, creative, and evocative, it gives your space a stylish and vibrant feel. Acquiring a piece of Konkere furniture is a sound investment as the pieces are sure to last.

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