The scent of menthol and warmth are some of our fondest memories of our grandmother's room. I once heard someone ask another person why they smelled like Grandma's room.

Have you ever considered how little things like our actions, appearance, and speech shape how others perceive us? Some perfume lovers get so sentimentally devoted to a particular scent that it becomes an intrinsic part of their identity and influences personality recall. Likewise, being known for your choice in interior decorating is also cool and may be achieved over time through consistency.

It's crucial to feel emotionally connected to your home. If you don't, finding happiness in there can be difficult. Considering that almost 60% of people see their home as a reflection of their personalities, moving into a new house can make anyone feel out of place. Therefore, if you are moving into your first apartment or switching spaces, you may want to explore a few suggestions to ensure your space expresses your style.

A house is made of bricks, but a home is your haven, a place where you feel most vulnerable and at peace. However, since we all have unique preferences, what makes a house feel like home will vary from person to person. With this in mind, the first step to creating your dream home is to understand yourself completely. Also, before anything else, consider your location and occupant count.

Number of Occupants/Type of Occupants: The number of people in a house may provide clues about the ambiance, furnishings, and design that are appropriate for it. Living rooms with drab colors and low lighting are inappropriate in homes with toddlers. A home with large occupants will benefit from solid furnishings, etc.

Location: Where your house is situated may indicate the interior features that make it feel cozy. For those who love nature, having an aquarium could be an excellent way to balance their indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Also, wooden floors might not be the greatest option for a location with a lot of water.

Once you have this figured out, you may want to consider if you like;

  • Dull or Bright Lightening
  • Clustered or Free Space
  • Ambiguous or Minimalist Furniture
  • Scented candles or diffusers
  • Monotonous or Vibrant Outlook.
  • Planters, Ornaments, or Wall Frames
  • Wall paint or Wallpaper

Your responses to these questions may help you choose a theme and streamline your purchases and expenses.

However, irrespective of the aesthetic style you choose, ensure that furniture is topmost on your list. Consequently, if your preference is natural and simple furniture, Konkere Designs is your go-to. Imagine a piece of furniture with artwork on it in the color you love. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Konkere Designs is an Afro-urban furniture and lifestyle brand that uses lightweight concrete to create furniture pieces for those who love minimalist, artistic, and personalized design. Visit or @konkere_designs on Instagram to see our range of coffee tables, dining tables, side stools, and consoles.


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